Monday, July 29, 2019

Ethics in Leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Ethics in Leadership - Research Paper Example For instance, harassing other workers is ethically wrong, and the decision to harass a fellow worker is completely unethical. A second example is that of using the internet supplied by the employer inappropriately, to browse illicit content and for personally-benefiting uses (Kidwell & Kochanowski, 2005). The fact that the behavior of using the internet is inappropriate and the given employee will do that knowingly, gives the proof needed to show that the decision to use it inappropriately was unethical. This paper will explore the reasons as to why people (at the workplace) make unethical decisions, with reference to their situation and environment. The paper will, also, explore the different ways, through which leaders can manage the individuals that engage in negative decision-making. With reference to the variety of the situations that surround the lives of individuals at the workplace, people will make unethical decisions for a wide array of reasons. The reasons behind the making of unethical decision-making is dependent on the rightness or the wrongness of behavior, in terms of the legal, organizational and the societal guidelines used in defining the morality of behaviors (Kidwell & Kochanowski, 2005, p.140). In the current world, unethical behaviors at the workplace have become relatively prevalent, and in some cases, the costs of deviance are high; this has pushed managers to develop mechanisms to handle such behaviors. Some of the factors explored in the next section – as contributors to the making of unethical decisions are more applicable to some forms of decisions and deviance, than others (Peterson, 2002a). The reasons and the factors behind the making of unethical decisions can be traced to social, organizational, individual and interpersonal f actors. The decision-making process of individuals within the workplace

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